Unfortunately, the 1st thing a homeowner notices is an interior leak somewhere in their house. If your roof is 15 plus years old or you notice it looks like it isn’t aging very well, It’s always a good idea to have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor before you find a leak inside which end up costing homeowners more money.

There are many types of shingles to pick from. Architectural shingles, Presidential shake, metal, etc. Cost vary quit a bit when making that decision.

Unless you are an experienced roofer, we would never recommend doing it yourself. Roofing contractors are experienced in their craft.

This depends on size. Our roofers can knock out an average size roof in one day. Metal roofing, shake roofing, etc will take longer due to the application method.

Yes. Especially if you current siding is failing. The 1st thing potential buyers see is the exterior of your house and as we all know good 1st impressions are very valuable.

This always depends on the homeowner and their budget. We can do vinyl siding, wood siding, cement fiber siding (Hardie Board) etc.

With most of our siding jobs our window installers will prep and paint. We prefer doing it all in order to offer warranties for the entire project along with keeping us on our timeline.

Depending on siding you will always want to inspect it at least once a year. Vinyl siding will need washed every so often. Wood siding should be inspected once a year for wood rot, termite damage, etc., cement fiber siding will need the caulking checked once a year to 3 yrs. This doesn’t mean you will need to do anything but it’s always a good idea to catch any potential problems early.

You can usually just look at your siding and tell. If it looks like it needs replaced, then it probably does. Vinyl siding will sag, Wood and Lp siding will show signs of bowing and rot.

No matter if it is wood siding, Hardie Board siding, fiber cement, vinyl, etc it will not affect the interior trim.

We do not charge for a quote for any of our services that include window replacement, siding replacement, gutter replacement along with many other trades.

It varies on the homeowner, project, and project size. We accept credit cards, cash, and checks along with offering financing. Our goal it to work with the homeowner and do what makes them feel comfortable.

This is contingent on the project. Our window installers can finish a whole house within a week. Our siding installers vary from a few days to a couple weeks. This all depends on if it is wood siding, fiber cement siding, hardie board, vinyl, LP siding, etc.

As the owner and operated of the company you will communicate with me in person and over the phone.

It is very rare that the cost will change. When we give a customer a price that is the price. However, there are rare times our window installers will remove a window and the homeowner has extensive wood rot. In that situation we will stop and discuss with the homeowner what we have found and determine a solution.

A replacement window is when you have a window installer remove your existing unit and replace it with a new unit. However, there a couple different methods such as full frame and pocket fit replacements.

Our window installers install year-round. The best time for window replacements is when you notice you need them.

Our windows installers can install almost any window a homeowner prefers. We have our recommendations such as Pella, Provia, Marvin, Anderson, along with others. Our focus is to use a quality window while doing a quality install.

There aren’t too many jobs that a window installer runs into that just need a repair rather than a full window replacement. Repairs are usually just band aids homeowners use to save money upfront, but in the long run costing them more money.

For the most part yes. Finding the right company and window installer makes a big difference. A good quality window along with a proper install should make it almost certain that you will never need to replace your windows again. On top of that, you will save money on energy bills along with increasing your properties value.